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That's right, Nazis in Israel. Who are these Nazis? Patrilineals, the niggers of Israel. After being socially ostracized and economically repressed and having their civil rights violated their whole lives, some patrilineals finally snapped. Israel has only itself to blame for this. The following letter was sent to Rabbi David Ellenson, the head of the Reform Rabbinical School, by the editor:


Dear Dr. Ellison,

I am writing in my capacity of editor of the web site,, dedicated to the patrilineal Jewish community, regarding the recent arrest of patrilineal “Nazi” Jews in Israel. The Reform movement’s deafening silence on the situation of patrilineals in Israel defies the intended purpose of Reform Judaism to place morality over dogma. Of course, the Conservative and Orthodox have maintained this silence as well, but one would expect no less from them. The Reform has to be held to a higher moral standard. The cable news stories that sensationalized the story of the “Nazis” provided a perfect platform for you, the figurehead of the Reform movement, to inform the world of the situation of patrilineals in Israel. These boys were portrayed as an evil force that spontaneously infiltrated it’s way into Israel. There was no mention of the contemptuous way that Israelis treat the Russian community in general, but particularly the patrilineals. There was no mention of the nigger status of patrilineals in Israel, who are segregated out from the Israeli community and often from their own families. There was no mention of the economic repression patrilineals experience because of the branding they receive on their identity cards. There was no mention of the constant, insidious social rejection of patrilineals in Israel. There was no mention of the way Israel and the Jewish community at large avail themselves of patrilineals when it suits their purposes for combat duties and financial support, and then disregard them when they do not prove useful. There was no mention of the inherent psychological damage to the parent-child relationship of patrilineals. In the end, these poor boys have played a bitter role in a cautionary tale for all societies that espouse any type of orthodoxy, separate their community based on arbitrary factors, fail to confront their own inner demons before they have grown to an unmanageable scale and otherwise do not do unto others.




OH, GOODY, GOODY! Cinderella gets to go to the Ball! The caveat being that the children have to convert before bar-mitzvah. The Conservative movement is going to bestow on us the privilege of paying them shitloads of money to humiliate us and tell us that we're not members of our own families and that our fathers aren't really our fathers. Truly, we are not worthy! The Conservative movement lost it's position as the largest Jewish movement in America to the Reform and this is their cynical effort to regain it through the crass manipulation of innocent children. DON'T take them up on their kind offer! Before you would send your child to such a school, think about it. Would they be taking your child if they didn't need your money? NO WAY. Don't let them use your child that way; don't put your child through the hell of being taught about their own illiegimitacy. Let the Conservatives continue on their kamikaze mission and once they've made their final descent into oblivion, we won't have to deal with them any more! You can find the complete article at [type the word "patrilineal" in the search window]


In 2007 the Metropolitan Schecter School in New Jersey, affiliated with the Conservative, closed due to lack of funds and low enrollment. HA, HA, HA! There is a GOD! The Conservatives will be grabbing at you desperately as they drown but don't be pulled in by their charlatanism! A patrilineal belonging to a Conservative organization is like a cow belonging to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. You'd be a masochist!


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